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Mega Traffic Membership Details
Commissions FREE Members PRO Members
PAID Pro Referrals $.20 $.70
Referral Log In Credits 25 points 100
Commission from Referral Purchases 10% 35%
Active Member Rewards Click To Find Out Click To Find Out
Posting Ads Per Day - FREE Members Per Day - PRO Members
Text Ads 5 15
Saved Text Ads 10 20
Saved Solo Ads 10 20
Point Earnings FREE Members PRO Members
Sign Up Points 500 1000
Monthly n/a 500
Referrals 125 250
Reading Text Ads 25 50
Solo Ads 150 300
Banner Clicks 50 100
Button Banner Clicks 50 100
Traffic Links 50 100
Admin Emails 300 600
Super Solo Ads 300 600

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